RAPP Monitor

We will present here the different products that CSIRO and the RAPP team is implementing to monitor rangeland and pasture productivity.

The first one is about “Vegetation Cover Anomaly” also called “fractional cover” which refers to the three fractions of a given area that constitute green photosynthetic vegetation (grasses, shrubs and trees), non-photosynthetic vegetation (woody, dry stubble, plus dry litter) and bare ground. This information is derived from satellite data provided by NASA’s “MODIS” sensors, following the approach of Guerschman et al (2015). The “anomaly” maps created show the difference in vegetation cover (the photosynthetic plus non-photosynthetic fractions) for the period in question relative to mean vegetation cover fractions estimated for the average of all years since 2000 at the same time of year. For more information, visit the Auscover website (http://www.auscover.org.au/).

This product will be integrated later in the “Global Dashboard“, an interactive platform to be out soon.